About Us

Welcome to C/A

Welcome to our home on the web. Here, you will learn about our exceptional college preparatory program for students in Grades 3–12. Commonwealth Academy is a welcoming school where many different kinds of learners can succeed.


Average to gifted students who require the individual attention available only in very small class sizes, as well as students who have been diagnosed with a learning difference and/or with ADHD, will find an environment that celebrates their unique talents, challenges them appropriately, and supports their areas of need.


It’s a place where students gain the self-confidence required to connect with their teachers and peers, and engage in and take responsibility for their education. As they rise from Lower to Middle to High School, they become aware of their learning differences, accept them, and learn to advocate for what they need to excel.


Our curriculum is embedded with student-centered learning strategies and an award-winning technology program. Students successfully complete course requirements at grade level or higher, reflective of their potential, social development, and emotional growth.

  • Lower schoolers delight in a rich curriculum filled with real-world meaning to prepare them for the more advanced challenges of Middle School.
  • Middle schoolers build on their skills and explore new interests as they grapple with early adolescent issues and prepare for the rigors of High School. They enjoy a close community of friends, cross-curricular projects that enliven learning, and numerous off-campus social and enrichment opportunities.
  • High School students take on additional responsibility for their own learning, and many welcome the challenge of honors courses and diploma certificates while they prepare in earnest for college. With an exceptional faculty, on-site support services such as counseling, college counseling, and SAT/ACT preparation, and a wide variety of electives, clubs, activities, and athletics, C/A provides a celebrated and extensive education, readying its students for success in college.

Take time to browse our site, and please call to set up an appointment and see C/A in person. We can’t wait to meet you.