We’re delighted you’re interested in applying to Commonwealth Academy! Our website provides valuable background information about C/A’s unique strengths as a school, but the best way to decide if it is the best match for your child is to talk to us and tour the school. Here are the typical steps in the Admission process:



1. Contact Josh Gwilliam in the Admissions Office at 703.548.6912. He’ll need the most recent standardized test results available (ERB’s, SOL’s, PSAT, SAT, etc.), as well as all diagnostic testing if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD and/or a learning difference. We may request additional testing if results are more than three years old. Educational test results are just the first step in ascertaining whether your child appears to be an appropriate candidate for admission.


2. Parent/guardian tour and interview. If your child’s profile aligns with the Mission of C/A, we will invite parents to visit for a tour and interview. The interview will give you the chance to ask questions about the school, see our teachers and classrooms in action, and give us time to learn more about your child.


3. Student interview and tour. Your child will meet with the Director of Admissions and tour the school to gain a firsthand look at C/A and imagine what it would be like to be a part of our school community. We use this time to deepen our understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, interests and learning style.


4. Submit an application. C/A has a common application for all grades so some questions do not pertain to younger applicants. Simply complete everything that applies to you and your child, and submit the application with the $100.00 application fee. [The application fee can be paid online through a secure website by clicking HERE]. The application deadline is the last day of February for the upcoming academic year unless openings are available in the current year.


5. Submit supporting material, to include:

        • A teacher recommendation from your applicant’s current teacher. Teacher recommendations are confidential and must be submitted directly from the teacher or the school to C/A. Teacher Recommendation Form
        • Progress Reports/Transcripts. Progress or academic reports are required for Lower and Middle School applicants. Transcripts are required for High School applicants, as well as any Middle School applicants who have earned high school credit. Official academic records are required and must be submitted directly to C/A from your child’s current school. To enable your school to send us academic reports, you’ll need to complete, sign and submit a Request for Release of Info form to your child’s school. Request for Release of Info Form

6. Shadow Day.  The Admissions Office will provide details and a date for your child’s Shadow Day. A Shadow Day must be completed prior to the Admissions Committee meeting.
7. Applications are due, no later than February 28th. The Admissions Committee will meet to determine the fit of placement and decides if a student is to be offered an invitation to attend.
8. Official Notification is sent on or about March 1st.  All official decisions and contracts are mailed to applicant families on or about March 1st.
9. Applicant replies. Families notify C/A if they accept the offer to join our school by returning the contract with a non-refundable deposit ($1,500.00), on or before March 15th.
10. Tuition Binding Date. On June 1st, all new and returning student contracts become binding.