Remediation to Acceleration

At the heart of our academic program is ability-grouped instruction in reading and math, provided by special-education trained teachers. Based on individual assessments, students receive either remediation, grade level, or accelerated instruction in reading, writing, math, and visual thinking. Within small groups, teachers use a variety of strategies and technology to improve students’ abilities to decode, comprehend, and read fluently, and to develop math automaticity and procedural understanding as needed. C/A’s small class size and ability grouping also allow our teachers to challenge students at an accelerated level if they have already mastered grade-level content. In contrast, science and social studies, as content-area subjects, are presented at grade-level.


As with C/A’s award-winning Middle School and High School programs, teachers use technology, accommodations, and experiential learning to maximize subject mastery and success. Students learn to type, create PowerPoints, and use Excel. Subject-specialized teachers for P.E. and art round out a caring, nurturing, and highly-skilled faculty.