Support Services

C/A has professionals on site who are charged with the well-being of C/A students. Students and parents can turn to these trusted professionals for academic, emotional, wellness, and developmental support.
We have a small student body. The Head of School and Directors of Lower, Middle and High School are familiar with every student in their school and offer assistance throughout the day to any student who is experiencing a challenge within or outside the classroom.
In addition, the following professionals are available on-site to support the varied needs of our students.

  • An internationally certified ADHD/Executive Function Coach offers students a wider range of possibilities when they are “stuck.” She works one-on-one with students to develop their own individual action plan, helping them to identify what they need in terms of support; what they have control over; what are some possibilities to consider; what options they are leaning toward; and what their plan will be to move forward. Our ADHD/EF Coach also shares coaching strategies with teachers and parents to help students move toward independence.
  • A licensed, professional school counselor is available full-time to help students navigate the school environment and social scene. In addition to individual counseling, she organizes Lunch Bunches, to provide students the opportunity to establish positive relationships with their peers through games and interaction with one another during the lunch period. She also coordinates a “Bigs/Littles” mentoring program, that provides Lower School students with High School mentors who engage in organized activities and lunch conversations to the benefit of both age groups.
  • A full-time licensed practical nurse provides nursing care and health education and administers medication for a range of health conditions.
  • On-site occupational and speech and language therapists are available to work with students identified as needing support.