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Upper School

a note from the head of upper school

Dear Current and Prospective Community Members,

Welcome to the Upper School! In my long tenure at Commonwealth Academy, I have had the privilege to see the life-changing power of a CA education. We are a community built on relationships, resilience, and the knowledge that our students can thrive and succeed with the right tools and resources. On more occasions than I can count, I have had the opportunity to listen to families and students, alike, share the change and growth they have experienced and the open doors they can now see; doors they may not have even known existed prior to joining the CA community. Tapping into that student potential, seeing the whole child, and helping students along their educational journey drives us as a community of learners. 

Our college preparatory program includes all the tools and frameworks necessary to help students thrive. It is a joy watching students make new social connections, find safe and brave spaces to be themselves, feel comfortable taking academic risks in the classroom, and take that exciting step of crossing the stage at graduation ready to enter into the doors open to them!

Our students have so much to share with the world, such a creative voice, and it is exciting to see them discover themselves both academically and personally at our school. I invite you to explore more about our program and the ways that we are redefining success for students daily at Commonwealth Academy.


Katie Theobald

Head of Upper School