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LS arts 21-22

creative activities fueling development

At Commonwealth Academy, we know the arts — visual arts, theater and performing arts, and music — are vital to the social, emotional, intellectual, academic, and personal growth of our students. Further, we recognize that through the arts, students can contribute to our school community in countless, out-of-the-box ways. Through the arts, our students explore new passions and interests, while simultaneously embarking on meaningful journeys of self-exploration.

CA’s Arts programs are designed to afford students the opportunities to develop and express their ideas clearly through various artistic media. While engaging with the arts, students begin the process of self-expression and become increasingly familiar with the qualities and limitations of different modes of artistic expression. 

CA is proud to offer a visual, theater, and musical arts program that brings out the very best in our students as well as their creative genius.

student art 2021-22