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Experiential Learning

learning in practice, not just theory

Experiential learning is generally understood as the process of learning by doing or learning through experiences — indoor, outdoor, abroad, and in other alternative settings. At Commonwealth Academy, experiential education immerses students in hands-on experiences and opportunities for reflection that allows them to better connect and apply theories, knowledge, and other lessons learned in the classroom to real-life occurrences. Experiential learning opportunities at CA exist in a variety of in-class, in-school, and extracurricular formats as well as culminating experiences.

paddleboarding summer 2022-23
dairy godmother lower school outing
rock climbing summer 22

When CA students engage in experiential learning opportunities, they benefit from:

  • Improved understanding of course material

  • Broader, more expansive worldview

  • Deeper appreciation for the community at CA and beyond

  • Greater insights into current and potential passions and values

  • Meaningful collaboration

  • Additional chances to improve confidence and leadership skills