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Why CA?

Strong Community, Powerful Network

Commonwealth Academy is far more than just a school. Commonwealth Academy is a school and vibrant community. It is a place where students forge long-lasting relationships, find joy, and begin to find themselves. We are a sanctuary and a movement. We are a powerful network of brilliant minds, dynamic leaders (current and aspiring), changemakers, and lifelong learners. We are a harbor where inclusion is foundational and our commitment to helping students thrive is unwavering.



An Employee's Why

"As Director of Admissions, my why goes far beyond simply doing my job. Why CA? A better question is 'Why anywhere else?' You won't find the love, care, compassion, passion, and expertise that we have with and for our students anywhere else. We change lives daily — that's not just a tagline. When families can go from daily fights over homework to more quality time or time spent focused on togetherness, extracurriculars, and things that truly matter, it begs the question of 'Why not CA?'"

- Mr. Gwilliam, Director of Admissions


A Student's Why

"To go from a class of 700 in public school, and a class of about 300 in another private school, to my current class size, was awesome. CA leveled my playing field and made learning possible for me in ways that other schools didn't even try to. I tried to hate CA when I first got here, but when you're constantly pushed in the right direction and you're surrounded by people who do anything to help you succeed, you can't help but fall in love. That's why I'm here."

- Grade 11 Student

A Parent's Why

"We never felt comfortable at other schools, not even on tours. Something was always missing, but the day we visited CA for the first time, we found the missing piece. What was missing was the irrevocable belief that our daughter was capable of everything we wanted for her ... and more. At CA, we met people who looked at us less like dollar signs and more like family ... and that's what we've become — the best version of family. Lines of communication are always open. We love it here!"

- Grade 7 Parents

An Alumni's Why

I went to CA for six years, and for those six years, I had a family. I love CA so much! The whole community made you feel like you were never alone; that they would help you when you were down and always showed support and encouragement. Commonwealth taught me what it means to be kind to others, to always offer a helping hand, and to achieve my highest potential.” 

- CA Alumni, Class of 2016