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lessons for a lifetime

For a school that is small by design, we not only have a big heart and huge CA pride, but we also have countless opportunities for our students to get involved in one of our many athletics programs.

Volleyball vs. French 2022-23

Commonwealth Academy’s Athletics program, in concert with our Wellness Education program, assists in the overall growth and development of students. Through athletics, students take the reins of their personal growth and development by exploring concepts of work ethic, discipline, dedication, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fitness in tangible, hands-on ways. Some of the sports we offer are volleyball, soccer, cross country, and basketball.

Core Tenets of CA’s Athletics Program Include:

  • Teamwork: Working together with peers to achieve a common goal

  • Effort: Demonstrating a willingness to be your best self.

  • Sportsmanship:  Respecting self, teammates, opponents, coaches, referees, and fans. Compassionate competition.

  • Leadership: Positively influencing others through words and actions.

  • Healthy Lifestyles: Mindful wellness. Mental and emotional balance. Lifelong health.

Regardless of team win-loss records or individual accomplishments, all student-athletes who graduate from CA show increased self-awareness and a demonstrated understanding of the importance of the aforementioned concepts. We hope that student-athletes will transfer the lessons learned via their athletic experiences to all experiences as members of the greater CA community and world.


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